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What is the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)?

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)?
The Loyalty Rewards Program rewards you for on-going loyalty when you make regular monthly purchases. The program allows you to earn product credits that can be used towards purchases of products. By creating an automatic monthly order, you receive many benefits, including earning other bonuses in the compensation plan. You can customize each order and the date it processes through your Virtual Office by going to the shop tab.

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Key concepts to understand:
  • PV (Product Value): The amount of  product in an item or order. This value is used as a measurement to earn points, commissions, promotions, and free product of the month. A product's PV is not always the same as the cost.
  • Points: free product purchase credits (1point=$1). 
  • LRP points (Loyalty Rewards Program Points): Your current LRP percentage of the PV total, from your order, will determine the amount of LRP points you will earn from that order. The percentage of points you earn increases every month that you make a qualifying order. 
  • SRP points (Shipping Rewards Program Points): You may earn 100% of the shipping cost worth in points if you place an LRP order online, OR you may earn 50% of the shipping cost worth in points if you call in to place an LRP order or if you place a standard order online. 
  • Cost: The actual dollar amount for the item/order.

Reasons Why You Should Set Up LRP Orders:
  • Earn a percent back – Depending on the enrollment kit you start out with, signing up with the LRP program means you will receive at least 10% back on your LRP orders. The longer you participate in the program, the bigger percent you get back on your purchases until you reach 30% after a year. 
  • Earn LRP points and Free Products – The percent you earn back through ordering through the LRP program is added to your account through product credits. You can use these points to purchase free products. You also earn points on your shipping costs! 
  • Free Product of the Month (POM) – If your monthly LRP is set to have at least a 125PV, you receive a free product with your LRP order. This POM changes from month to month. REMINDER: Your LRP automatic order must be processed before the 15th to receive the POM. 
  • Earn Power of 3 and Fast Start bonuses – To qualify to earn the Power of 3 Bonus and Fast Start, you must have at least a 100PV order each month. If you are active in the business in sharing, enrolling, and building these bonuses only help you continue to build your business – and having the automatic LRP order set up means you are also getting back some of what you have put in (in free product). 

Getting started on the Loyalty Rewards Program:
  • Create your Loyalty Reward Order: Simply set up your Loyalty Rewards Order by logging into your Online Account and creating a Loyalty Rewards Order.
  • Earn a FREE Product of the Month simply by: 
    • Creating a Loyalty Rewards Order that totals 125 Points Value (PV) or more and 
    • Setting the date for your Loyalty Rewards Order to be shipped on or before the 15th of every month.
  • Convenience to change your Loyalty Reward Order every month before the shipping date. Don’t want to receive the same products as last month? Simply login to your Online Account and edit your Loyalty Rewards Order for the month. You can do this every month!
  • Earning points with Loyalty Rewards Order purchases. Every product has a Points Value (PV), a retail dollar value and a wholesale membership dollar value (e.g. Lavender 15 mL (Retail $28 | Wholesale $21 | 21 PV). Loyalty Rewards Product Credits are calculated based on Points Value.
  • To redeem your earned Product Credits towards a purchase of your favorite products: Simply login to your VO to redeem them online or contact Member Service.

Loyalty Rewards Highlights:
  • Hassle-free, flexible monthly shipment 
  • Freedom to change your LRP order up to your monthly ship date
  • LRP orders can be set to ship any day between the 1st and the 28th of the month 
  • Receive up to 30% of the PV value of your monthly LRP order 
  • Receive product credits that can be redeemed for products 
  • Receive a FREE Product of the Month when your Loyalty Rewards Order totals 125 Points Value or more and is scheduled to ship on or before the 15th of each month 
  • The longer you participate, the greater rewards you can earn 
  • Convenience to change your order every month 
  • No lock-in contract - freedom to cancel at anytime simply by calling Member Services 
  • View Loyalty Rewards points online in your mydoterra.com back office

Ground Rules:

If your monthly order has:
  • 1+ PV, you maintain your participation in the program along with your current points and percent.
  • 50+ PV, you earn more points and can increase your percent.
  • 100+ PV, you qualify to earn commissions from your downlines' orders.
  • 125+ PV, and you ordered between the 1st and 15th of the month, you qualify for the free product of the month (Only one Product of the Month per month).

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