Thursday, February 25, 2016

101 Ways To Use Lemon, Peppermint & Lavender

These 3 oils are like the primary colors of the Crayola box (red, yellow and blue). I consider them the foundation. Separately, they are extremely powerful. And, when you combine them together, beautiful and amazing things are possible!

Learn 101 ways to use these oils for stress management, immunity support, natural cleaning, weight loss, and improve your overall well-being! We will cover specific ways to use these oils in your daily life for beauty, cleaning, relaxation, health, food, sleep, laundry….and so much more! 


A Cure for Laundry Neglect. 
Lemon essential oil takes out ALL odors when you forget and leave your load of laundry in the washer way too long!

De-Smudge Your Stainless. 
You don’t need to hunt down that “single use” stainless steel cleaner anymore. Multi-use lemon oil is great for cleaning stainless steel appliances. You’ll love the way stainless looks and smells!

Control an Aphid Invasion, Naturally. 
Aphids — those pesky little bugs that dine on your roses and other plants. Lemon oil (or peppermint) with water in a garden spray bottle are a natural pesticide that kills aphids and their larvae on contact, but leave your plants looking lovely.

Tame Oozy, Sappy Trees. 
Whether the sap is on your carpet, clothes or seeped into your skin, lemon oil is excellent for removing pine gum and tree sap.

Energize your Brush. 
If your toothbrush seems a bit tired, add a drop of lemon and peppermint oils to chase away that run-down feeling.



Calm a Tempest
Just one drop of peppermint oil (with a carrier oil or lotion) rubbed on the stomach or taken internally can calm indigestion, an tummy upset or other internal digestive commotion. A must-have when traveling! Do we have any travelers who hate long car rides?

Restore Vitality in the Mouth
When your breath is sharp and your mouth feels furry, peppermint oil with water (and lemon oil) creates a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse that leaves a lasting crisp, clean feeling.

It’s About Air Flow
When sinuses seem to be clogged, and throats swollen and scratchy, diffuse peppermint oil (or apply topically on the chest) for almost immediate relief and revitalizing air flow. Peppermint acts as an expectorant and may provide relief for colds, cough, nose pressure, breathing issues.

Cool the Joints
When the ravages of time wreak havoc on your joints, leaving that hot and achy feeling, peppermint oil mixed with lavender oil cools like an ice bath, but you to stay warm and dry.

Feel Full, Faster. Satiety  
It’s about feeling full, and not overeating. The aroma of peppermint oil has the ability to make you feel full, faster…especially if you breathe it in during a meal!  Better buy a diffuser for the kitchen! 



Fortify Your First-Aid Kit.
There are many products that would be tres glam additions to your First-Aid kit, but if you could only pick one, lavender should be it. Why? Basic First-Aid kits are often geared toward minor skin irritation, scrapes, rashes, and so forth. Lavender is great for all those, not to mention its calming properties!

Target Acne, at the Source.
Bacteria thrive in sebaceous glands that over produce sebum…that waxy stuff that can be associated with acne. Lavender helps balance sebum and control break outs. Add 1-2 drops to your favorite facial toner or cream to alleviate acne and prevent future outbreaks. Lavender inhibits bacteria growth and aids your body to balance its sebum secretion.

Homemade Room Freshener.
Put baking soda and a 5-6 drops of lavender oil in a small Mason jar. Punch holes in the lid. Place in smelly areas (near garbage can, dirty clothes), shake jar often. Smile.

Sneezing, Sinuses & Congestion Oh My!
Lavender can calm down unruly sinus issues, defiant sneezing and other respiratory issues. Just apply on the back of your neck, chest, and between your eyes.

Rub a Dub Dub.
Rather than using regular soap and warm water at baby’s bath time, add about five drops of lavender oil to the warm water. Your tot’s skin will be pampered and smell great!


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