Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 February Promotions - Spread The Love

Announcing February promotions!
There are 3 great promos this month. Check them out below!

Promo #1: Save 10% on Passion Touch
Have you lost your why or passion for life? doTERRA Passion Touch combines Fractionated Coconut Oil with the spice and herb blend of doTERRA Passion to help you rekindle the excitement in your life. Packaged in a convenient 10 mL roll-on, this spicy, warm essential oil blend can be used as a personal fragrance or applied to pulse points or the sternum to ignite feelings of excitement, passion, and joy. With doTERRA Passion Touch, you will find the daring to try something new, as well as discover renewed joy for the current blessings in your life.

Primary Benefits
  • Ignites feelings of excitement, passion, and joy
  • Counteracts negative feelings of boredom and disinterest

  • Apply in the morning to start the day feeling energized and enthusiastic.
  • Apply to pulse points and heart throughout the day to feel inspired and passionate.
  • Apply at work to spark creativity, clarity, and wonder.
  • Passion starts with the heart. Rub doTERRA Passion Touch over your heart.
  • Use as a personal fragrance by applying to the back of neck, and wrists.

Wholesale: $27.25
Retail: $36.67
PV: 27.25
For more information: Click Here

Promo #2: Product of the Month: AromaTouch 
Current wholesale members earn a FREE 5mL AromaTouch by placing any single 125pv order by Feb 15, 2017

AromaTouch, doTERRA’s proprietary massage blend, combines the unique benefits of oils known to provide relaxing and comforting effects. AromaTouch combines our essential oils of Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil, Grapefruit, and Lavender in a perfect blend that adds many important benefits to various massage techniques. This popular blend is a vital part of the doTERRA AromaTouch Technique, a proprietary method for applying essential oils to produce a profound wholebody wellness experience.

Primary Benefits
  • Comforting and relaxing effects
  • Helps to lessen tension
  • Adds an aromatic experience to a soothing massage

  • Apply to neck and shoulders to promote feelings of relaxation and lessen tension or use with a carrier oil for massage.
  • Give your loved one a hand massage using the AromaTouch Hand Technique and AromaTouch Massage Blend.
  • Add to Epsom salts and enjoy soaking in a hot bath.

Promo #3: New Year New You  
Your favorite promotion has returned for another month! If you are ready to to make this year the best so far, the New Year New You program can help!

All you need to do is:
Enroll as a new Wholesale member with a with a 100+ PV enrollment order in February
Place 100+ PV Loyalty Rewards order processed in March
===> 100PV for FREE to redeem for products of your choice!

CLICK HERE for more info.

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