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Cleanse It Real Good – 30 Day Cleanse with doTERRA

Cleanse It Real Good – 30 Day Cleanse with doTERRA

Raise your hand if you are sick of feeling crappy.  If you are like me, you probably over-indulged over the holiday and are now feeling it in your gut. Maybe feeling a lack of energy, unmotivated and just plain “poopy”. Are you ready for a fresh start for the new year?

The doTERRA 30 day cleans is a perfect way to kick 2018 off right!

This is a cleanse that I do every year (at least once) and have had great results from it and many of the products that are used are important parts of a great healthcare routine! I love to re-energize and restart my system. I have noticed that I get better sleep, my hair and nails grow faster and healthier, my mood is uplifted, my energy is improved and my tummy feels lighter. This is a healthy way to cleanse and rid your body of the toxins it has accumulated that harm our bodies systems and organs.


Naturally boosts energy levels
Rids body of excess waste
Supports healthy weight loss
Boosts immune system
Glowing skin
Better breath
Promotes healthy habits
Clearer thinking
Improved hair health
Feeling lighter
Anti-aging benefits due to free radical reduction
Improved sense of wellbeing


Phase 1: Activate (10 days) – This helps prep your body detox and make sure your GI track or “exit routes” are functioning properly and moving.

DigestZen TerraZyme® – Take one right when you wake up, one with each meal, and one before
you go to bed, for a total of five.
Zendocrine® Complex and Zendocrine Detoxification Blend - Take one capsule with
breakfast and one capsule with dinner, for a total of two.
Lemon essential oil – Take one to two drops in 8 oz. of water five times per day, totaling ten drops.

Phase 2: Reset (10 days) – This is the actual cleansing process using natural and powerful oils and products.

Continue to take DigestZen TerraZyme®, Zendocrine Complex, and Lemon essential oil as directed
Take one GX Assist softgel with dinner

Phase 3: Renew (10 days) – This helps with restoration and support with probiotics and DDR Prime.

Continue to take DigestZen TerraZyme®, Zendocrine Complex, and Lemon essential
oil as described in the previous two phases.
Take one DDR Prime® softgel with breakfast and dinner for a total of two softgels per day
Take three PB Assist®+ capsules with dinner

There is even a kid’s version to help your child gently and safely get the support they need. This cleanse is designed for children ages 2-12 and will be adjusted according to age.

Here are some tips to help you during the cleanse!

  • Drink plenty of water (recommended ½ of your body weight in oz.)
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Refrain from processed foods
  • Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid eating late
  • Choose natural cleaning and personal care products
  • Diffuse essential oils
  • Support your body’s natural defensive functions by taking LLV Daily


If you are already a doTERRA member, you can purchase the Cleanse and Restore Kit from your site with your 25% discount.

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This is the 30-day renewal Cleanse and Restore kit from doTERRA. It's an incredible value. You actually save a ton of money if you purchase it as a package because each product purchased separately would cost $324.05, but if you purchase it as a package, it's only $245. So you save $79.00 when you purchase it as a package. Plus, you get free wholesale pricing from doTERRA with this kit which means anything you purchase from doTERRA for the next year will be 25% off retail!! No minimums or monthly purchase requirements.

If you are new to doTERRA, you can learn more about what a wholesale customer is here.

Here is a protocol sheet you will want to save! Here's a guide that you can download so that you can use it throughout your 30-day renewal. You will want to print it out and keep it handy during your cleanse.

Happy cleansing!! You are just 30 days from feeling your best self!  If not, your kit is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee from doTERRA! Don't worry though, you will feel outstanding. What are you waiting for? Make your gut happy!

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