Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Essential Oil Genius – Essential Oil Customer Testimonial

Essential Oil Genius – Essential Oil Customer Testimonial

It is not often I am called a "genius" especially from my husband, but I will take it!  It took him a year to "get on board" with the whole oil experience and having the courage to try them......and believe in them.  (Because let's face it....men can be stubborn sometimes when it comes to things outside of their norm. And my hubby is one of the most stubborn people I know.)

….I digress…

Yesterday, my hubby picked up the dreaded stomach bug. It hit him. It hit him hard! So hard he didn’t leave the bed and had to miss our 3 year old son’s first Learn to Skate lesson. And if you know him at all, you know he loves hockey to the point where he says, “I will die on the ice”.

While he was in bed I did our normal thing of getting out our custom essential oil rollerball blends and started rolling them on his feet, filled all he diffusers in the house with On Guard, the protective blend, and got him water and a bucket!

But, I wanted to try something we never tried before. The magic oil pill! Before I talk about this, I wanted to share with you what prompted this blog post in the first place; the Facebook post by my husband the next morning.

“Ok, so, yeah.... My beautiful wife is an essential oil genius and she turned 
THE most skeptic person into a believer about a year ago...

I spent yesterday with the stomach monster and started on essential oils immediately. 
Then, my wife says, 
"I found a recipe for a pill that is known to 
stop it in it's tracks. Want to try it?"

I sure do!

The trick was to take 1 pill every hour for 4 hours 
and then 1 pill every 4 hours after that. 
I took 2 and it killed it! I stopped the “coming out the front episodes” 
for the rest of the day and into the evening... 
Was able to keep a dinner down (as small as it was - jello) 
and all my breakfast - bowl of cereal and jello.


The magic oil pill is called the FLOOM BOMB! WHAT?

We have been using the FLOOM BOMB in rollerball form for a couple years when we feel we need intense immune support due to feeling crummy in the winter time.  We would just apply a blend of Frankincense, lemon, On Guard, Oregano & Melaleuca to the spine and bottom of our feet in the morning, midday and evening if we feel an onset of a compromised immune system. Or if it hits hard, every hour on the hour!  (These same oils can be diffused)

But this time I wanted to try the pill form this time because of how hard it came on for him. Using the same oils, but a lower drop amount, I added them to a veggie cap and he took one every hour for 4 hours to hit that monster hard. Then 1 more 4 hours later and a final pill 4 hours after that!

BOOM! He was up the next day saying, “I feel like I was never down!” (Other than feeling weak from his lack of nutrition…..

So, with the help from my “witch oils”, the essential oil genius pulls through again for Mr. Goers!

Now….if I could only solve the “man flu”.  LOL

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