Sunday, August 5, 2018

Frustrated Father: One Way to Manage the Frustration

Let's face it...parenting is hard. As a mom, I go through ups and downs daily. (Even hourly.) I try to manage my emotions as best as I can when it comes to the little ones. Normally, I focus on essential oils for moms and kids, but what about dad?

Dads have emotions just as often, as moms. One common emotion they tend to feel is frustration. Frustration rears its ugly head in all forms of actions and other feelings; yelling, anxiety, anger, shutting down, depression, and so many other things.

Frustration may not even stem from our children or their behavior. It could be work, other family members, friends, traffic....and even the spouse....(just ask my hubby).

Here is a blend I created to help manage frustration levels for our dear hubby's . All these oils are great for establishing emotional balance.

Frustrated Father Rollerball Blend
8 sandalwood
10 petitgrain
10 frankincense
10 tangerine
4 lemongrass
5 copaiba
10 litsea

Sandalwood – Helps in quieting the mind and provides stillness, calming and stops you from overthinking.

Petitgrain – This oil can help stop the repetition of negative family patterns. Have you heard someone say, “My father did this to me and I turned out alright.” Helps to manage fearful and anxious thinking, along with sudden anger.

Frankincense – Frankincense can help let go of negativity and create new perspectives on the good. It can connect to the nurturing, guiding, loving and protecting instincts, just like a great father would do for his children. It can also help provide focus, grounding and help reduce tension.

Tangerine – Tangerine is great for lifting the darkest of moods. It can help assist those who feel cut off from the lightest of heart often displayed by children. Great for reducing the feelings of being overburdened, heavyhearted or lack of fun or joy in their life. It can help stop overthinking and anxious feelings and lift your joyful self.

Lemongrass – First I added this to my husband’s blend just because it is his favorite smelling oil, but while researching I found out it is perfect for this blend because it is great for helping to let go of the old, limiting beliefs, toxic energies and negativity. Helps to move forward.

Copiaba – This is great for helping to feel appropriate remorse and then moving on; remembering that self-forgiveness is necessary especially when negative actions happen. It helps you realize that life happens and negative emotions are only temporary.

Litsea – Because it is a great cleansing oil, it can help rid your body of what is not serving a positive purpose and helps to give an uplifting feeling. It can help dispel any dark clouds, anxious feelings, and hopelessness and sadness. It can help bring you back into love after an argument and remind you of what is important. 

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