Thursday, September 27, 2018

Warm Up With Cardamom

When the temps start to fall and you start to get chilled to the bone, try this yummy trick to help you warm up!

One drop of cardamom essential oil to a cup of hot apple cider! 

Cardamom oil’s spicy, warm, balsamic aroma is the perfect addition to any cozy home—particularly in the fall and winter. 

Known as the "queen of the spices", freshly ground Cardamom seeds are used widely in the culinary world. Substitute cardamom essential oil for added benefits! 

The minty flavor and scent of Cardamom has made it a popular ingredient in traditional Indian sweets and teas. 

The chemical makeup of Cardamom essential oil makes it a calming oil—allowing it to provide soothing effects for the digestive system when ingested. So if you are feeling some stomach discomfort, it is a great time to add it to a drink! 

Just as Cardamom oil can be used to calm the digestive system, its aroma can also be calming and soothing. Diffusing Cardamom oil helps promote a sense of a clear head, offering an overall soothing and calming feeling. 

It can also help promote a sense of openness or feelings of mental clarity. 

When you want to soothe or cool your skin, apply Cardamom oil on the skin for a cooling, refreshing sensation. 

Another internal benefit of Cardamom essential oil is its ability to promote clear airways and breathing and aid in respiratory health. It is a key ingredient in the doTERRA Breathe® Respiratory Blend and Respiratory Drops. 

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