Why Should You Become a Wholesale Member / Wellness Advocate?
Becoming a Wholesale Member / Wellness Advocate is the best way to get your oils because members get a 25% discount off retail price on every order. You can also earn free products and compensation! Click here for more information about wholesale memberships.

Is there a monthly commitment?
Nope! There is no monthly commitment when signing up to become a Wellness Advocate! You can order what you want, when you want. I choose to enroll in Loyalty Rewards Program monthly shipments because I earn free products through that program, but it is completely optional!

Can you earn money?
Absolutely! Most wholesale members have a hard time keeping the topic of essential oils to themselves. Once you start using them and see results, you talk about it with family and friends. As a result, you have the option to sell these oils to them at retail prices and earn commission or they can join as a wholesale member as well! If you prefer not to earn commission and just want to order for yourself at discount that is perfect ok too!

What is PV?
PV is personal volume. Every product has a retail dollar value, a wholesale dollar value and a PV (e.g. Lavender 15 mL (Retail $28 | Wholesale $21 | 21 PV). Loyalty Rewards Product Credits are calculated based on Points Value. On many products the PV will match the wholesale value. There are a few products that the PV may be less than the cost. Shipping costs and tax do not count as PV, so the dollar amount of our order will generally be more than the PV amount.

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)? 
The Loyalty Rewards Program rewards you for on-going loyalty when you make regular monthly purchases. The program allows you to earn product credits that can be used towards purchases of products.

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