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Stock Up & Save During BOGO in April

BOGO Week - April 2020

· Essential Oils

Have you heard the news??? BOGOs are coming next week starting on Monday!!!

Yep - it is time to stock up on your oils...just like you are stocking up on your toilet paper!

BOGOs are coming

But...wait...there's more! We're trying something new this time!

Yes, we heard you! For the first time ever we are offering a one-click buy for the week.

Get all the April BOGOs in one go! Order the BOGO Box on Monday to save on shipping and get 12 essential oils at once. (Details Below)

Watch this video to learn about BOGO WEEK and some of the new things we have coming your way like the new BOGO Box. 😍🤩

Wednesday's BOGO This is a BOGO that is calling my name! Citrus Bloom is the springtime blend, its a mix of citrus and floral and it smells amazing in the diffuser or as perfume. Pink Pepper can help promote feelings of alertness. It also helps support a healthy immune, respiratory, and digestive system.

doTERRA BOGO Citrus Bliss Pink Pepper

💖Citrus Bloom is a combination of the bright citrus and fragrant floral aromas of Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Magnolia essential oils. We use this to bring spring into our home. It is uplifting and so pretty! This blend makes a beautiful Oil perfume. Or add the dōTERRA unscented lotion to your order and mix Citrus Bloom into it or mix into it for a gorgeously scented moisturizer. Supports a calm and optimistic start to your day when diffused in the morning. TRUST ME when I say this smells amazing! 🍊🌸

💖Pink Pepper. Diffuse or inhale directly to promote feelings of alertness. Enjoy a soothing massage by combining with dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil. Add 1–2 drops to water to support healthy immune, digestive, and respiratory systems. It is the go to oil to help with addiction! It is one of the oils in the Skinny Jean Challenge. It is great for nerves.

The BOGO Box is the best way to buy your BOGOs.

The BOGO Box is the best way to buy your BOGOs. You’ll get all of the BOGOs for the entire week, while doing your part to reduce the carbon footprint and save on shipping!

Order the BOGO Box on Monday to save on shipping and get 12 essential oils at once.

The BOGO Box includes:

15 mL doTERRA Serenity®
15 mL Spearmint
15 mL Citrus Bloom
10 mL doTERRA Frankincense Touch
10 mL Rose Touch
An additional 7 oils!

*Available while supplies last.
*Limit of 5 per account.

*Pay shipping once
*Reduce your environmental footprint
*Get all your BOGOs ahead of others
*Available Monday morning at 12:00 AM MT while supplies last
*Limit of 5
*$200, 195 PV (Savings of $165) - Member Prices!!!
*Contains all the ‘buy’ oils listed below and their freebies that go with them (we don't know what the freebies are, except for Mondays, but you can bet they will be awesome since you are getting $165 in free oils!!).
*Buy 5 oils get 7 free!

The BOGO Box is the best way to buy your BOGOs.

THAT'S A WRAP, FOLKS! The BOGO BOX has officiall

(EXPIRED) Tuesday's BOGO Hands down today is an AMAZING BOGO!! Just when you thought it could not get any better.... WOW. Drop the mic now! These two pair together make a perfect pair when your emotions and skin are going crazy!

🧡 Frankincense: Obviously the wise men were on to something because it was Jesus’ first birthday present, so let me tell you why you’ll love Frankincense too. It has soothing properties that make it useful for reducing the appearance of skin imperfections, soothing irritated skin of all kinds, including dry hands from harsh winter conditions. It is great for stress management and when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Can help promote a restful sleep. Use it when your 5 year old is acting like a crazy teenager!

🧡 Neroli: Apply topically to help soothe the skin. Apply to pulse points throughout the day to uplift your mood. Neroli Touch may help reduce feelings of anxiousness, promote a positive attitude, soothe skin, and encourage relaxation.

Read this blog Great Skin & Relaxation: Tips to Having Both to learn more about these two oils!

(EXPIRED) Monday’s BOGO is a fan favorite and highly requested to come back. It may be needed now more than ever before as emotions are on a roller coaster and energy is maxed out. This powerhouse duo helps everyone get a good night sleep and stay grounded throughout the day.

Buy dōTERRA Serenity Get dōTERRA Balance Free

💜Serenity: Promotes rest and relaxation. We use this every night in Easton and Oliver's rooms! Serenity shuts my brain off! It’s the only thing that does that for me! Stops the thinking so I can fall asleep! I use it with Breathe or Eucalyptus. Great to add to your bedroom pillow, place 1-2 drops on a tissue beside nightstand or couple drops directly on your pillow. When I'm feeling extra restless I rub this on the back of my neck & bottom of feet. BEST SLEEP EVER!

💜Balance: Promotes calmness & 'balance'. Helps with anxious feelings and out of whack emotions. Out of control kids – YOU NEED THIS! Perfect to use while we are all isolated from the world! This is an every day oil and one of the most popular!

Buy dōTERRA Serenity Get dōTERRA Balance Free
* Available Monday 12 AM MT
* Limit 3 per account
* Can be added to any order type

What is a BOGO?

Buy One, Get One. Every so often, we offer a BOGO deal: if you buy a specific oil, we give you another oil or related product for free. This is our way of helping you get more of the essential oil products you love!

Whether you’re wanting to expand your essential oil collection, building a doTERRA business, or you just love getting free oils, BOGO deals are for you. A few times every year, doTERRA surprises customers and Wellness Advocates with these Buy One, Get One deals that you won’t be able to resist.


What comes in the box?
Includes all of the BOGO items from Monday to Friday.

Is the circular box included in the purchase?
No. The box is not included.

Is there a limit?
Limit of 5 per customer.

What if it’s sold out?
You can still participate in BOGOs each day, but you won’t get everything shipped at once.

Why are we doing this?
To help reduce packaging and the amount the customer pays for shipping each day.

Do I still get my full PV points? How many?
You get the PV amount for each oil you buy (more info about this on the regular FAQ). This box has a total PV of 195.

When will it be shipped?
Ships immediately beginning April 20, 2020

Promotion Rules

  • Each BOGO runs from 12:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) until 11:59 p.m. MST.
  • Orders must be processed during this window. BOGOs will not save to a loyalty order scheduled to process on a later date.
  • The limit per account varies. See individual promotion announcements for details.
  • Points cannot be used to purchase BOGOs.

Purchasing a BOGO

  • Add the “buy one” product to your order. BOGOs can process on one-time, loyalty, enrollment, and retail orders.
  • Do not add the free item. It will appear in the cart automatically once the “buy one” item is added.
  • Click “Proceed to Checkout” to review your order.
  • Select “Process Now.”
  • The order must process on the day of the promotion. Do not save the BOGO to process at a later date.

If you need further assistance, please contact Member Services by calling 1-800-411-8151 or by using the Live Chat feature on

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save a BOGO to process with a scheduled loyalty order?
No. BOGOs do not save to Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) templates. If you save the BOGO to your scheduled loyalty order to process at a later date, the free item will not be included in that order. Your loyalty order must process on the day of the BOGO to receive the free item.

Can I use points to buy BOGOs?
No. Points cannot be used for BOGO promotions.

How do I know if my order has been placed and processed correctly?
An order confirmation email will be sent to the email address listed on your doTERRA account.

I missed the BOGO. Can I get an exception?
No. These special offers are available for the specified time period only.

Which markets are eligible to participate in these BOGOs?
Unless otherwise advertised, BOGOs are available to US, Canada, and all NFR markets. International markets participate in separate promotions. Check in with your specific market for details.

Do the BOGOs qualify to earn Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) and Shipping Reward Program (SRP) points?
Normal rules apply. To receive LRP points, loyalty orders must be 50+ PV. Free items do not contribute to PV. Orders qualify for SRP points based on normal qualifications.

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