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6 Steps to Establishing Daily Habits

Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

· Essential Oils

Are you not getting enough sleep at night?

Are you wondering why your energy is sapped?

Is your day full of digestive discomfort?

6 steps to establishing healthy daily habits to support your healthy lifestyle with the doTERRA daily habits kit using the wellness lifestyle pyramid.

These and other common issues require a top to bottom approach to healthcare. doTERRA's Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid illustrates how wellness is a combination of lifestyle and healthcare. When lifestyle is the focus, health is naturally achieved and maintained. Your daily habits make all the difference. As you live these principles and use doTERRA’s powerful products, you experience new levels of wholeness.

Each level in the Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid contributes to a healthy life. The products in the Daily Habits Kit coincide with each step of the pyramid to provide added support as you build a healthy lifestyle.

Each level in the Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid contributes to a healthy life and you can begin to build your healthy habits.

Wellness is a combination of lifestyle and health. Daily habits make all the difference!


The foundation of the Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid is Eat Right. All other levels of the pyramid sit on the foundation of good nutrition. Give your body what it needs, and it will thrive. Eating right starts with proper daily nutrition and digestive support.

Maximize your daily nutrient intake with doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®, a trio of power-packed supplements to fuel and support your body. Support digestion with DigestZen TerraZyme® Fortify and optimize your GI tract, support digestion, and support immunity with PB Assist+®.


Regular exercise strengthens the muscles and supports the cardiovascular, circulatory, and lymphatic systems, among other crucial benefits. Essential oils and targeted supplementation support greater flexibility and energy, and ease feelings of tension in the body to help you stay active and strong.

Use Deep Blue® Rub before and after your workout. Apply topically where needed.


Sleep improves mood and gives your body the opportunity to repair and renew. Approximately 80% of health problems are estimated to be the result of persistent stress. Essential oils provide dynamic support for getting consistent quality sleep and managing stress.

Use calming oils like Lavender and doTERRA Balance® to help you relax and manage stress while keeping yourself grounded.


Nature experiences cycles of releasing and renewing. Our bodies also benefit from seasons of cleansing and focused detox for renewal. Support the body’s natural pathways of detoxification by using doTERRA natural cleaning and self-care products.

This can be further supported with targeted use of doTERRA essential oils.

Add a drop of Lemon or Tangerine oil to your water to naturally cleanse the body.


Becoming more informed about preventive health measures is an important component in a lifestyle that supports overall health and well-being. Essential oils offer extensive body system-supporting benefits that can be realized through daily, regimented use.

Use doTERRA On Guard® to support immunity and Frankincense to promote cellular health.


With the remarkable advances of modern medicine, it is our own lifestyle behaviors, not transmittable diseases, that are the greatest risk factor for chronic disease. Moreover, these habits can have the greatest influence on our overall health and well-being. That being said, a relationship with a trusted medical professional is one of the foundational pillars of lifelong health.

This is what the doTERRA healthcare initiative is all about: developing a relationship with medical professionals so you can be proactive, instead of reactive, about necessary medical care.

Order the Daily Habits Kit and take charge of your health today!

Order the Daily Habits Kit and take charge of your health today!

At the doTERRA You Convention in 2017, Dr. Hill discussed his personal essential oil routine. For the Daily Health Habits Challenge, we ask you to follow his protocol, and make changes as best fits your lifestyle and health needs.

To keep track of your daily use of each product, download the editable PDF tracker here. Then use each product below on a daily basis. If you don't already have all the products at home, you can order the kit.

Here’s what a typical day should look like as you establish your daily habits:

Daily Habits Tips:


  • 2 drops Balance to bottom of feet
  • 1 drop Frankincense under tongue
  • LifeLong Vitality Supplements (LLV), TerraZyme, PB Assist with breakfast
  • Drink 2–3 liters of water throughout the day


  • Diffuse or apply favorite oil for mood
  • Take a 5-10 minute walk
  • LLV & TerraZyme with lunch
  • Add 1 drop Lemon oil in water throughout the day


  • TerraZyme with a nutritious dinner
  • Diffuse On Guard or take 1 drop in 4 ounces of water or in a Veggie Cap
  • Take a break from electronics and media
  • Take a relaxing bath or shower with your favorite essential oil


  • Apply 1 drop of Frankincense to the back of the neck
  • Diffuse Lavender or Frankincense or BOTH
  • Lavender or Balance to bottom of feet
  • Get 7–9 hours of sleep

Now that the routine is laid out, it is time to implement the daily habits!


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