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9 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

Citrus Style

· Essential Oils

The trees are in full bloom this spring and this is a great opportunity to have the beautiful orchard smells in every home. Grab an old favorite and try a new citrus to uplift spirits and enliven the soul.

Scent is a powerful part of memory and a number one reason why customers order essential oils. As the world is starting to open up and a new normal emerges, this is a time to create new memories and pair them with a favorite essential oil. We love our citruses!

Here are 9 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend doTERRA Essential Oils Sale - Save up to 30% on your favorite citrus oils

Save up to 30% on your favorite citrus oils

From May 22–26, 2020 you can snag doTERRA’s best citrus oils for 10%, 20%, and 30% off. Take advantage of this sale and stock up on your favorites! (Each sold separately).

Grapefruit Lemon Bergamot doTERRA essential oils on Sale

10% Off: Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot

  • Grapefruit creates an uplifting environment due to its energizing aroma
  • Lemon has purifying benefits that make it perfect for household cleaning
  • Bergamot oil has both calming and uplifting qualities that create an encouraging atmosphere
Lime Citrus Bliss Wild Orange doTERRA Essential Oils on sale

20% Off: Wild Orange, Lime, Citrus Bliss®

  • Wild Orange supports digestion and cleanses the body when taken internally*
  • Lime has a bright aroma and can be diffused to help refresh the air
  • Citrus Bliss brings the benefits of seven citrus oils together into one harmonious blend
Cheer Tangerine Green Mandarin doTERRA essential oils on sale

30% off: doTERRA Cheer®, Tangerine, Green Mandarin

  • doTERRA Cheer has a positive aroma that will inspire a happy, optimistic atmosphere
  • Tangerine can be taken internally to help support a healthy immune system*
  • Green Mandarin can support nervous, digestive, and respiratory systems when taken internally

This Memorial Day weekend, be sure to take advantages of this sale! Want to save 25% more? Get your own wholesale membership and save $55.99 on your oils if you purchase all 9!

It’s important to note that some essential oils, particularly citrus oils, can cause sensitivity when exposed to sun or ultraviolet light after topical application. While we’d all love to be smelling of sweet citrus in the summer sun, it’s better to play it safe and only apply citrus oils to your skin at night when you know you won’t be going into the sunlight for at least 12 hours. Essential oils that pose a risk for sun sensitivity will typically include a warning or caution, so be sure to carefully read oil labels before application.

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