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A Summertime Gift For Dad

A Father's Day Gift Idea

· Essential Oils

Father's Day! It is a day to celebrate the amazingness of the dads in our lives.

I don't know about you, but every year I struggle to find the "perfect" gift for my dad and my husband. What do you buy the men who "have everything", don't "need" anything or buy what they want when they want it?

World's Best Dad T-Shirt?

New Necktie?

Golf Balls & Tee Time?

Air Compressor?

Concert Tickets?

Some New Gadget?

Patience (OK...I'm Kidding...but read this blog about Frustrated Father on this topic.)

Trip To a Tropical Island?

That's it! A Trip! But where am I going to find the thousands of dollars for that? Nevermind!

Ok - for real darling husband (DH) began following my essential oil journey a couple years ago, so I think I found something that the kids and I are getting him!

The boys will be making him a DIY air freshener (see the video below on how to make one) to keep our car smelling fresh and clean and then the Island Mint Father's Day Kit!

Father's Day gift idea perfect for all men. Essential oil blend from doTERRA Island Mint

ISLAND MINT™ Summertime Blend
Simultaneously tropical and woody, Island Mint is strikingly refreshing and invigorating. This summertime blend of Lime, Lemon, Peppermint, and Spruce will promote feelings of delight and renewal all season long.

How Can Dad Use This?

  • Think road trips! He can bring it along in the car with our DYI air freshener to keep the car smelling fresh and clean. The calming properties of this oil will come in handy during rush hour too! 
  • Think Summer BBQs & Parties! Diffuse at the next party or gathering to transform the environment into a sunny paradise. Because who doesn't love to imagine themselves in paradise!
  • Think Mid-Day Slump! When dad needs an uplifting boost mid-day at work he can rub a drop or two between his hands and inhale or apply to pulse points.
  • Think Energy Boost! If your dad golfs or goes to the gym, taking a big deep breath of this blend can give him a boost of energy to finish his round or workout!
  • Think Stuffy Nose! This blend can promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing by diffusing or inhaling right from the bottle. 
  • Think Grumpy Dad! Add this to your diffuser at home to turn grumpy dad into happy dad. This benefits the entire family! :)
The perfect gift for any dad on Father's Day. Great for the golfer, the muscle head, road tripper, businessman.  Island Mist summertime blend from doTERRA.

ISLAND MINT™ Summertime Blend is a limited time blend from doTERRA is being released on May 24th - while supplies last. If it is anything like the Mother's Day blend, Citrus Bloom, it will sell out a a couple days, so I plan to order 4 the day it is released.

Relaxing to the emotions yet invigorating to the body, when dad is looking for some balance and a sense of energy, he can turn to Island Mint.

Lime is a classic citrus—cleansing and uplifting. Its fresh scent purifies the air and promotes feelings of energy.

Although it is often used as powerful natural cleanser, Lemon (the top-selling doTERRA essential oil), also offers positive emotional benefits like improving mood and disposition.

Peppermint plant is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint. Its sweet, sharp scent can help soothe tension and promotes feelings of clear airways.

Spruce adds a grounding depth to the aroma while calming and comforting the emotions.

The unique combination of citrus oils with mint and wood carry a subtly sweet aroma and distinct freshness.

You know what.....this blend is going to end up in my office. Sorry babe, I will start thinking about next Father's Day.

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