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Blue Toes and Motivation

Blue Big Toe Challenge

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Who has tried Blue Tansy before? Blue Tansy seems to be all the rage these days. The internet and social media are blowing up with images, stories, and anecdotes about this powerful little flower oil. There was even a recent article in Vogue about Blue Tansy!

Blue Big Toe Challenge for motivation, focus, initiative, decision-making, mental clarity and purposeful actions

This oil had been sitting in my oil box for almost that long, until about a month ago when I picked it up and made the Down to Earth diffuser blend (which has become one of my absolute favorites). Until then, it was not a common use oil for me, but maybe that is because it has only been around for a year.

Down to Earth Diffuser Blend with Siberian Fir, Juniper Berry and Blue Tansy

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw someone post a photo of their big toe….and it was BLUE.

OK – I will admit it stopped my scroll and I read all about the BLUE TANSY BIG TOES CHALLENGE. The challenge recommends that you put on drop of Blue Tansy on each of your big toes every morning for a full month. This challenge helps to motivate, focus, take initiative, make decisions, give mental clarity and make purposeful actions. This has been called anti-procrastination in a bottle. Watch your life change!

Why the big toe? Why Blue Tansy? The big toe is the reflex point of the brain. Blue Tansy is the emotional oil of inspired action.

Reflexology Foot Chart for the Blue Big Blue Toe Challenge

It made me realize that sometimes I need some help in the motivation category. I mean….I have a full house to pack up in less than month for the move into our new home. Sometimes I just need a kind kick in the butt to get moving.

So I picked up the Blue Tansy, put it in a roller bottle for easy application and started this Blue Tansy Big Toe Challenge. I started Saturday – and guess what – I didn’t sit down all day. We were on the go – at the mall – packing up boxes –started some laundry a day early – dishes – cleaning up the kitchen – picking up toy – pulled together some documents for closing – you get the picture! Coincidence? Time will tell!

Blue Big Toe Challenge for motivation, focus, initiative, decision-making, mental clarity and purposeful actions

Are you in need of some inspired action in your life? Join me in the blue challenge!
Who is going to join me in getting this oil and starting their new morning routine?

Blue Tansy Big Toe Challenge - I like blue toes and I cannot lie

It is prized for it's ability for skin rejuvenation and is a valued ingredient in many high end cosmetics, but it also has a whole slew of other health benefits, including supporting the nervous system, immune system, and hormonal systems.

Blue Tansy is the Oil of Inspired Action...also called the "Anti-Procrastination Oil." Participants of this challenge are reporting more "get up and go" and more inspiration and motivation to get stuff done.

Blue Tansy the oil of inspired action.

Promotes creativity
Enhances energy levels
Helps recommit to goals
Clears up complexion and skin
Increases mental clarity
Improves focus
Assists in taking action
Increases motivation
Decreases inflammation
Respiratory support
Digestive support
Immune boosting
Helps with addictions
Increases confidence
Emotionally balancing
Stress reducing

Are you interested in joining the Blue Tansy Big Toe Challenge?
Let me know!!

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