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Guide to the 4th of July

Solutions for the top 9 Independence Day problems.

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The 4th of July is almost here! Here is a guide to the 4th to help you solve the common Independence Day problem and get the most out of your holiday.

Guide to the fourth of July. Solutions for the top 9 problems of Independence Day.

Problem: You are sitting outside at the annual 4th of July parade in the hot sun because all the shade spots were taken!

Solution: Peppermint Touch Roller!

Apply this to the back of your neck and forehead to help you stay cool.

Rosemount Parade

Problem: You woke up late and are running behind already. You have to be at your in-laws house for Independence Day brunch and then have to rush off for the afternoon picnic with the neighbors....all before heading out for fireworks. You are feeling stressed with doing "all the things" in one day.

Solution: PastTense!

Apply this roller to the back of your neck and tops of shoulders to ease the stressful feelings while counteracting feelings of tension that may come during the busy day.

The stress of the holiday.

Problem: Bugs. Everywhere!

Solution: TerraShield Spray!

Use this spray to repel insects naturally. It can be safely used by everyone in the family. You can also check out this blog for ideas to get rid of gnats!

Bugs everywhere. Natural insect repellent.

Problem: Being out in the sun all day can be tiring - and can damage your beautiful hair.

Solution: Rosemary Essential Oil!

Spray a mix of Rosemary and water in a spray bottle and mist over your hair to protect it from the rays and to reduce fatigue. A two-for-one!

Rosemount fire department

Problem: Walking in the annual parade this year? Or just hitting the city for all the festive events? All that can cause some tire and sore muscles.

Solution: Deep Blue Rub!

Apply to legs and back to relieve tired muscles after a long day of walking.

Rosemount Parade sore muscles

Problem: Aaaahhhh choo! Sneezing and wheezing with all the particles floating in the air?

Solution: Triease Softgels!

Take 1-2 softgels in the morning before heading out the door to protect you against environmental and seasonal threats.

Problem: The afternoon BBQ was delicious - beans, corn on the cob, hot dogs, hamburgers, pork ribs, noodle salad, cookies and a nice cold beer! Yummy in your least for a while. Now you are feeling full!

Solution: DigestZen!

Apply this to your tummy to help you feel well after you ate too much.

Problem: You brought your little one out for late night fireworks for the first time and he is a little frightened.

Solution: Peace Touch Roller!

Apply to the bottom of feet, spine or back of neck to help children during the firework show to counteract any fearful emotions they may feel.

Problem: Being out all day and around people who may be under the weather leads you and your family vulnerable to germs.

Solution: On Guard Beadlets!

Take a beadlet every couple hours to support healthy immune function.

Easton at the Star City Days parade.

Do you have any tips for this upcoming holiday? Let's hear them!

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