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Have you ever felt neglected? Abandoned? Invisible?

An oil blend to help you heal, feel supported and loved.

· Essential Oils

Have you ever felt neglected? Abandoned? Invisible? In need of love and maybe healing? How about just some extra support and protection from negativity?

This week I have been feeling all these yucky feelings. Actually, it has been a while now. Many reasons, I suppose, have caused these feelings – relationships not being where I want them to be, feeling like my voice or opinion doesn’t matter, feeling disconnected, being around complaining and negativity….maybe the weather change has something to do with it too…..

But….seeing these little hands by my desk helped me actually SEE IT. These little hands are of my 4 year old Easton. He made this for me for Mother’s Day in school! It felt good to just look at these little hands to feel love around me.

They inspired me to create this Loving Arms Roller Blend! To help me heal, feel supported and loved.

Here are the oils and why I chose them for this blend.

Birch – When you are feeling unsupported in life, Birch offers courage to move forward and find inner support and strength. It encourages acceptance of support when given, when individuals have carried their burdens alone.

Frankincense – Helps relieve feelings of abandonment, feeling forgotten and helps remind us that we are loved and protected. It helps shield the body and soul from negative influences. Frankincense reveals deceptions and false truths and invites you to let go of lies, deceptions and negativity.

Myrrh – Assists in feeling safe and secure and build healthy attachments. Helps to feel love and nurturing.

Marjoram – Aids those who are unable to trust others or form meaningful relationships which may stem from harsh life experiences. Can assist with being emotionally open and connected by showing barriers that may have formed to protect self from others. Softens the heart and heals past wounds.

Cheer – Helpful with uplifting when being weighted down. Encourages those who feel hopeless or helpless and inspires faith that life will work out for the best. Reminds us that there’s so much more to life than the hardship we are experiencing.

Rose – The heart healer. An invitation to feeling unconditional love and acceptance. It helps restore oneself to authenticity, wholeness and purity.

Loving Arms Roller Blend
15 drops Birch
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Myrrh
8 drops Marjoram
8 drops Cheer
15 drops Rose

Application: Apply it throughout the day over the heart, down the spine and back of the neck, and on pulse points.

Visualize: (You can even use the photo above to help) See yourself held in loving arms. See kind hands placed over your heart. Allow comfort and healing to flow into your heart. Imagine your muscles releasing tension and your breath becoming slow and even. Imagine what is no longer serving you flowing out of your body.

Declare: I am now perfectly supported in every moment. I am now safe and open to love. I am now cherished, valued and worthy of love, time and attention.

Hope this can help at least one more person!

Lots of love!

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Reference: Essential Emotions Book, 8th edition

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