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How Our Family Builds Immunity During Times of Crisis

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Wow! What a whirlwind it has been this year.

Most families have been put through the ringer - emotionally and some physically. Here in Minnesota, schools have closed and professional sports have halted their seasons. Any gathering of over 10 people is prohibited. Restaurants are only open for pickup orders. Businesses have implemented work-from-home policies.

Life as we know it has changed!

Our emotions have been out of control as we adjust to this new life. Meanwhile, our family has been making the hard push to build our immunity even more so that we normally do!

We cannot put on body armor to protect ourselves from all the threats being tossed our way. They are everywhere; on our hands, on the food we eat, on everyday items we touch and in the air we breathe. We can, however, make sure we have a healthy immune system and take some simple precautions as mentioned above.

Here is what our family is doing to help support our immunity:

  • First, we are educating ourselves and our children! We want to make sure our young children are covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze. Teaching them to avoid touching their eyes, mouth and face.  
  • We wash our hands constantly; before we prepare food, when we get home from being out and about, after playing with friends, and especially before eating to limit the number of germs that we are exposed to. We use a gentle, healthy alternative to harsh soaps that may dry and irritate sensitive skin. dōTERRA On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash enhances the cleansing function to take it to a new level and set it apart from other commercially branded products. 
  • We diffuse doTERRA On Guard and Lemon essential oils in our home! These are great to help boost the immune system to help protect from environmental threats and help purify the air we breathe. Scientific study demonstrates that diffusion of essential oils can purify and cleanse the air, providing added protection. 
  • We brush our teeth with doTERRA On Guard Toothpaste because it contains Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oils for powerful immune support.
  • For a good powerful immune-boosting support, we use Oregano essential oil on the bottoms of our feet. It can also be taken internally for antioxidant and immune support.
  • To strengthen immune function, my husband and I take one to two doTERRA On Guard+ Softgels daily. 
  • Each night before bed, I take one Copaiba Softgel because it is a powerful antioxidant, supports the cardiovascular system, immune and digestive systems, and helps to support the health of our lungs and respiratory system.
  • A drop of Frankincense goes under my tongue each morning for extra daily immune support. These can also be added to a veggie cap if you don't want to taste the oils! 
  • Whenever we leave the house we bring our natural hand sanitizer. We keep bottles of doTERRA on Guard Sanitizing Mist everywhere! It is in my purse, in our cars, in our kids' bags, by our computers and around our house. We use it regularly to eliminate bacteria and other germs on the skin.
  • Exercise and proper nutrition keeps our bodies healthy and strong, which is important for a healthy immune system. Because I want to limit my exposure, I found Popsugar Fitness YouTube videos a great asset to get in my exercise. If you do venture to the gym, be sure to use your doTERRA on Guard Sanitizing Mist on the equipment! 
  • We use shopping cart and highchair covers to limit exposure to germs for our toddler. If we don't have it on hand, we use our doTERRA on Guard Sanitizing Mist on everything! 
  • To help a healthy immune system, we help our bodies get the nutrients it needs by incorporating the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality supplements into our daily routine. When added to a healthy diet, these supplements have a powerful, beneficial impact on the immune system.
  • Getting enough sleep each night helps make sure that our immune systems have the energy they need. In the boys' rooms we diffuse doTERRA Serenity® at bedtime to support restful sleep. In our room we like to mix it up with Lavender, Cedarwood, doTERRA Peace, Sandalwood or Roman Chamomile. 
  • We frequently clean surfaces in our home including counters, handles, railings, light switches and anywhere hands touch often. We use doTERRA Cleaner Concentrate because it is safe, natural and is fortified with the proprietary doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend, which provide natural protection against certain environmental factors while elevating the overall cleaning capability.
  • We all take our daily probiotic to help support healthy functioning of the digestive and immune systems, promote healthy lung and respiratory tract function and aids absorption of nutrients. My boys take PB Assist® Jr because they think it is a "treat" after dinner and my hubby and I take PB Assist®+

==> Read this influenza virus PubMed study on the effects of On Guard. <==

Ok. Ok. I could go on and on about all the other tips, but these are the easy daily tips we use! Hope you learned some good information!

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