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It’s My Birthday, And I’ll Give Advice if I Want To

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Your birthday is usually a time where you reflect on the past year, actually, your life in general. This day gives you a chance to see if age did provide the wisdom it was supposed to, or if it just added wrinkles and grey hair.

While I have only lived 29 years (ya right) I feel like I have learned so much already! Here are some small tidbits of advice that I have gained over my 36 years (ya right). Here goes nothing!

Here are 45 little pieces of advice on my 45th birthday!

Birthday advice as you reflect over the past year
  1. Do new things often, especially if it makes you afraid. 
  2. Things don’t make you happy!
  3. Things rarely ever go according to plan! Be flexible or be miserable!
  4. Learn to forgive others, even if you are hurt bad.
  5. Avoid the "Three Cs" - Constant Complaining & Criticism. It s unbecoming!
  6. Make mistakes, magnificent, wonderful, new mistakes. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not pushing yourself or trying new things. Burst past your limits!
  7. Don’t be Jealous! Other people’s successes do not diminish you or your success. 
  8. This is one I struggle with often! It is OK to say “No.” Life is too short to spend life doing things you don’t want to do. 
  9. Go to concerts! Go see the “big names” even if you are not a huge fan. They will be gone one day and you will miss the opportunity! The ones I regret not going to: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston) 
  10. You will regret the things you did not do more than the things you did do! Just do it! 
  11. When the music starts – DANCE! Even if you suck and your husband makes fun of you!
  12. Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.
  13. Don’t drink poor quality alcohol. Quality over quantity! Period.
  14. Be vulnerable to love. To live and love means opening yourself up to being hurt. It will be worth it in the long run.
  15. Live now! There is only one now! The future is a mirage which may never exist. The past is gone forever and can never be changed. 
  16. Never stop learning and improving yourself! You are not perfect and will never be, but you can always be better.
  17. Challenge yourself! Do something that is hard, something that you never thought you would do. 
  18. Jump from a perfectly good airplane! For fun!
  19. Don’t be the smartest person in the room!
  20. Laugh at everything, because it always funny….eventually! 
  21. Do not expect anything in return when you do someone a favor. If they repay you, it is an unexpected pleasure. 
  22. Accept that not everyone will like you. Focus on the people who do!
  23. Change, uncertainty and death are the only 3 constants of life. Accept them. 
  24. Be mindful of what you think about because the things you think about determine the quality of your mind. 
  25. Say “please” & “thank you”. And don’t forget “I love you.”
  26. Cuddle your kids every day! They WILL grow up!
  27. Don’t overthink everything damn thing! 
  28. Always appreciate your friendships! You fall in and out of love, but friendship is a constant. 
  29. Keep moving forward, you’ll make it. Life will through you challenge after challenge, so take baby steps if you need to, just don’t stop pushing forward. There is no step too small.
  30. You are your own worst enemy. Be your own best friends instead. 
  31. Ask for help! And if someone offers to help, don’t hesitate to take the offer.
  32. If you’re in a bad relationship ask yourself, “Do you stay because you think so highly of them, or so poorly of yourself?”
  33. Be kind! Show empathy. 
  34. Take the stairs! You cannot escape a fart in an elevator! 
  35. When you hug someone make sure they really feel how much you care!
  36. Share positive energy – your mood is contagious.
  37. Conflict is everywhere. Respect other people’s opinions even when they are different from your own. 
  38. Choose your words carefully – they can crush a spirit or lift mountains.
  39. Work hard to be the best at whatever you do. Even if it is laundry! 
  40. It is inevitable – life will break you. You will experience pain, darkness, grief. You will not know the beauty of life until you experience the despair. 
  41. Listen to the words of a song. 
  42. Don’t be afraid to shine! It is YOUR time this time!
  43. Destiny matters! When things do not go as you planned, something else better will happen.
  44. Love. Your. Life!
  45. Don't forget to be grateful - even during a world-wide pandemic. There is always something to be thankful for!
Don't be afraid to shine! It is YOUR time this time!

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