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It Is Time to Take Inventory....of your oils!

· Essential Oils

A new year brings a new outlook - right?

This is the time where everyone jumps on a bandwagon and starts a crazy diet, joins a gym, and sets new goals.

The first few days of 2021 I started cleaning and organizing my home. The kitchen, the master bathroom, the toy room and I found so many oils all over the house! Some oils that I forgot I had! I came across 4 open bottles of Adaptiv...probably because 2020 was such a whirlwind that we all needed emotional help! :)

Do you know what you have in your oily stash right now?

Let me help you (and me!) stay organized in the new year with this awesome inventory sheet!

Keep track of what you have on hand so you know when not to open another new bottle and what you need to order before you run out!

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