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Seven Ways to Stay Calm During Stressful Situations

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Stress impacts every aspect of your health and wellness. However, because it is intangible, many of us may not notice when you are under higher amounts of stress. That is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness refers to a heightened state of awareness of your body and mind. Recognizing stress and the way it can affect you is crucial to staying calm. As you practice mindfulness, you’ll be able to respond appropriately when stress levels rise.

Here are seven ways to stay calm during stressful situations.

Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

Scientists have studied aromatherapy’s benefits to emotional health for years. A recent study showed that diffusing essential oils like lavender can help reduce levels of stress in patients. You can also pair aromatherapy with other stress reduction techniques, which we will cover below.

Fact: 77% of people experience physical symptoms due to stress.

Think Before You React

More specifically, give yourself time to think before you react. Your mind may tend to spiral down invented narratives before you have evaluated a situation entirely.

Rather than jumping to conclusions, gather as much information as you can about the situation so you can make effective decisions. Take a mental step back and think about the situation from a different perspective.

Grab your lemon essential oil, because It is the oil of focus. It can help you think rationally, give you mental clarity and flexibility.

You can ask yourself questions like,

“What am I grateful for?” or “What strengths do I have that are suited to this situation?”

Gathering information before you react can empower you to focus on solutions rather than the problem itself.

Stop Negative Thought Patterns

Negative thoughts tend to breed more negative thoughts. That is why it’s important to recognize them before they grow into patterns. Studies have consistently shown that rumination, the act of repetitively thinking about the distress associated with a problem or event, is linked to anxious feelings.

When stressful situations arise, Ggrab your Zendocrine oil. This is the oil of vitality & transformation. It can help you through times of change, especially if you feel you are trapped in self-sabotaging behaviors. It can help rid toxicity and limiting beliefs, and help you re-direct your thought patterns onto something positive.

Fact: 73% of people regularly experience physiological symptoms caused by stress


Western scientists have demonstrated the benefits of meditation in various research publications. One study, published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, showed that regular meditation reduced biological indicators of stress for the participants in the study group.

Grab the AromaTouch blend - it is the oil of relaxation. It can assist the body in calming, relaxing and releasing physical tension and help you feel balanced.

For more information about how and why you should use essential oils in your meditation, check out this blog.

Support Your Health

If you’ve recently been through a crisis, or are currently dealing with an ongoing crisis, one of the most important things to do is to support your body’s physical health. Taking care of your physical health will give you an advantage as you respond to stress.

A 2018 study demonstrated that those who engaged in regular physical activity were able to stay relatively calm after being exposed to a stressful stimulus when compared to those that were not physically active.

Need help getting into a regular routine? Grab your Citrus Bliss oil. It is the oil of new beginnings. It can help get rid of stagnant energies which keep you immobilizes and can bring optimism for your new journey.

Fact: 48% of people say stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional life + that they lay awake at night as a result of stress.

Stay Connected with a Friend

Whether or not they’re going through the same crisis as you are, emotional support from a trusted friend can help ease the tension of a stressful situation.

One study conducted on nurses found that the strength of their friendships was the primary factor in their ability to control the stress of the job.

When you notice your stress levels rising, pick up the phone and check-in with a friend. Also, grab your cedarwood oil. It is the oil of community. It supports you in seeing that you are not alone and can help you feel emotionally connected and supported.

Re-Create Your Routine

Often a crisis or stressful situation represents a significant change to your life and likely, your life’s routines. One way to cope with drastic changes in life is to create a new routine.

Do you exercise in the morning?

Do you walk the dog at night?

What time do you make dinner?

Making decisions about these things teaches your mind that you are in control of your mental and emotional state, even during stressful situations.

Grab your Adaptiv oil. This is the oil of adaptability. If you are feeling out of control it can help you adapt to stressors and fears in more clear, constructive and confident ways.


The brain has a remarkable ability to change through experience. Neuroscientists call this concept brain plasticity. As you practice these techniques, your brain will adapt and it will be easier to stay calm during stressful situations whenever they arise.

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