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One of my all-time favorite Christmas songs is Silent Night.

Every Christmas Eve we celebrate the holiday with my dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins on his side of the family. This tradition has been happening well before I was born, even the year my sister, Michelle, was born - on Christmas Day.

December 24, 1975 - My first Christmas. I was 4 days old with Grandpa

December 24, 1975 - My first Christmas. I was 4 days old with Grandpa

One of my all-time favorite Christmas traditions was listening to my grandpa, Del, play Christmas songs on his harmonica by the tree. As kids, we would gather around him - on his lap or sitting on the floor in front of his chair. The room always got silent. We just listened intently to him play Silent Night and other carols.

He continued his song until he passed away. The first Christmas Eve without him was very hard. Even though his presence was felt, we missed him dearly. I missed hearing the sweet sound of that harmonica, his deep breaths taken before he played, and him taking requests for the next song. I wish we would have recorded it!

Christmas Eve 2015 - Easton's first Christmas

After we ate Christmas Eve dinner (birthday hotdish - our tradition) and opened our gifts, we all ventured out to my grandparent's church for mass, which was two blocks from their house.

Silent Night was always the last song we sang.

We were all given our candles, which we were always sure to light very carefully, the lights dimmed and the organ began to play.

One voice that always stood out to me - out of every person in every pew - was my grandpa's voice. He sang that song loud and proud - similar to the way he walked into church with his family in tow, just proud to show us off to his fellow parishioners.

I miss hearing his voice sing that song!

Christmas Eve 2015 - Easton's first Christmas

When my first son, Easton, celebrated his first Christmas Eve at the ripe age of 2 months, we got home after a long day and settled into the rocker in his room. After his nighttime feeding, I began singing Silent Night to him for the first time. I couldn't get through the song without sobbing and thinking about how much my grandpa would have loved him!

Each year we honor grandpa by hanging our harmonica ornament on our Christmas tree.....but we do have to pry it out of Easton's hands first. He loves to play it before it adorns the tree.

Do you have a favorite Christmas song? Is there a reason you love it so much? Tell me!

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